Utility Rates

Storm Water Footprint

Whether someone walks, bikes, rides the bus, or drives in Missoula, everyone has a storm water footprint.

  • All vehicles (bicycles, skateboards, motorcycles, buses, cars, and trucks) leave behind grease, oil, fuel, brake fluid, rubber from tires, dirt, mud, gravel, or some other contaminant.
  • Even pedestrians leave residual material on sidewalks, trails, and streets, including pet waste and trash.
  • All transportation modes within the city require impervious (hard) surfaces, such as streets, sidewalks, curbs, and gutters that concentrate and move large volumes of storm water to storm drains.
  • Missoula's storm water ends up in our creeks, streams, rivers, and aquifer.

Image of a blue and black storm water footprint.

Utility Rates Cover Storm Water Management Costs

The City of Missoula Storm Water Utility's rate charge pays for:

  • maintaining existing storm water infrastructure, such as sumps, detention and retention basins, storm water drain pipes, manholes, storm water treatment devices, and drainage ditches (not irrigation ditches);
  • keeping Missoula streets clear from storm water flooding;
  • providing operations and maintenance for Missoula's levee system, which helps prevent flooding and, in turn, reduces flood insurance rates; and
  • providing storm water management education programs to prevent pollutants from entering the storm water system.

The ultimate benefit will be ensuring Missoula has clean waterways now and for years to come.

Ordinance & Interim Utility Rates

As dictated by Ordinance 3580 – MMC 13.27, utility rates cover storm water services for every property and street in Missoula. The City developed an interim rate schedule for the storm water utility and began an in-depth rate study the summer of 2017. When completed, this study will be used to establish a new rate schedule and must be approved by City Council as part of a public process. The interim rates are as follows:

  • Residential (per Unit) $9.00/year, billed twice a year; and
  • Commercial/Industrial (per Unit) $23.00/year, billed quarterly.keep it clean, drains to streams

The Missoula Valley Water Quality District (MVWQD), a division within the Missoula City-County Health Department, responds to illicit discharges.

If you would like to report an illicit discharge or have a storm water construction site concern you may use the online reporting form or call 406-258-4890 during regular business hours or for an after-hours matter, please call 911.