Water Meter Replacement Project

Project Information

Missoula Water began replacing water meters in the municipal water system in 2019. This project is fully funded by current water rates and is anticipated to be completed in a five- to seven-year period. We will need access to all water meters located inside homes or commercial buildings and in outside meter pits. We appreciate your patience and help in completing this project.

The new water meters will help our community better manage water resources with the installation of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). AMI is a communication device that is incorporated in your new water meter to transmit water meter readings every 15 minutes, giving you access to detailed information about your water use.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact the service department at dispatchw@ci.missoula.mt.us or (406) 552-6752.

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The City's Water Meter Replacement Project is Capitol Improvement Project #2019-040: Neptune Meter Project. 

How does the AMI water meter work?
Turns on for a fraction of a second every 15 minutes to securely transmit dataDoesn't communicate with other meters or appliancesDoesn't turn water service on or off

 How do I know the new meters are accurate?
Manufacturer tests all meters before they leave the factoryCity staff also randomly tests meters before installationProven technology implemented across the state

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Water Meter Replacement Benefits

Access to your water usage information. When the online portal is available, you have the option to find out your water usage on a daily and hourly basis.

Reduction of water loss. Water leaks on the homeowner's side of the water meter can be identified and repaired more quickly by the homeowner.

Save money. Knowing your daily and hourly consumption history enables you to better understand and make informed decisions about your household water use and associated water bill.

Water Alerts. Set-up leak and other usage alerts so that they are automatically sent to you when continuous water flow is identified, which is often indicative of a water leak. This can save money and prevent property damage that often results when leaks run undetected.

Installation Process


  • One to two weeks prior to installation, you will receive a door hanger stating when installers will be in your neighborhood to replace water meters. 
  • Appointments can be scheduled for customers on an as-needed basis by calling (406) 552-6752. 


  • On the day of installation, two installers will knock on your door to request access to your meter. The installers will wear a Missoula Water badge and orange apparel, and drive a truck with the Missoula Water logo. The installation takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and water may need to be shut off for this time. 
  • Before and after photos of the meters will be taken for documentation purposes. 
  • Please keep the area around the meter clear of any obstructions, including boxes, furniture, and landscaping. 
  • If you are unable to be home when we arrive, another door hanger will be hung stating when we will return to your residence. 


  • Installers may continue to be in your neighborhood replacing meters.
  • Once the customer portal is available, you may sign up to monitor your water usage and set up alerts.