Water Projects

Missoula Water has implemented a water main replacement program to reduce leakage and replace aging water mains. The projects shown here are critical to achieving that goal. In addition to water main projects, the City completes other water system infrastructure projects that keep the system working at an efficient and optimal level of service for our customers.

Water Line Loan Program

Want to replace your water service line? Here's a link to information on the City's Water Line Loan Program:



  1. S 2nd st w & cottonwood st main replacement

South 2nd Street West & Cottonwood Street Water Main Replacement Project

Location:  Cottonwood St., South 2nd St. W, Hickory St., and South 1st St. W

DescriptionN 2nd St W-Cottonwood St Proj Area Map Opens in new window:  Replacing approximately 1,800 feet of 6-inch kalamein water main installed in 1914. Street closures and traffic detours will be required for this project. A link to the detour maps is provided below.

The project contractor is Western Excavating.

Benefits:  Reducing water leakage from these mains. Kalamein is a Priority 1 replacement pipe. Missoula Water installs devices on fire hydrants throughout the City to listen to the noise coming from the water pipes. Through this program, we identified a fire hydrant with a very loud noise that has increased over time, indicating leaking pipes nearby. 

Next Steps:  Informational letters were mailed to affected property owners on February 17, 2023. These letters include contact information for the project contractor, who will work with property owners whose property is adjacent to the new water main and wish to replace their water services line (runs from the house to the main).

Project Dates:  Expected to begin March 13 with an anticipated completion date of July 11, 2023. These dates are subject to change due to adverse weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances.

Project Area Map

Detour Maps

Project Contact:  Triston Firth, Utility Engineer, FirthT@ci.missoula.mt.us or 406-552-6102

  1. n 5th & 6th sts w water main replacement
  1. Central Ave & Sussex Ave main replacement
  1. lincoln hills water storage tanks
  1. upper prospect water tank installation
  1. lower Rattlesnake water main replacement & prv installation