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Bicycle Registration Form

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    Please contact Missoula In Motion at 406.552.6675 if you have any questions about this form. Our office is located in the lower level of City Hall at 435 Ryman Street, Missoula MT 59802

  3. We must have a valid mailing address in order to mail your registration sticker.

  4. We must have a means of contacting you other than mail.

  5. Type NA if there is no discernable brand.

  6. Type NA if there is no discernable model.

  7. This number is typically stamped into the underside of the bike frame.

  8. OTHER identifying Features

  9. Sample Sticker

    Bike Registration Sticker

  10. Questions? Call 406.552.6675

    Bicycle Registration is a no fee service provided by the City of Missoula to assist you in the event that your bicycle is stolen or involved in a crash. Please contact our office to update your contact information as needed, or to transfer ownership of the registered bicycle. Your Bicycle Registration does not expire.

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