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City of Missoula
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Police Department

  1. Abandoned Bicycles

    Form to report an abandoned and/or found bicycle to the Missoula Police Department

  2. Basic Field Training Officer Registration

    Registration for Basic FTO week of October 19, 2020 at Waypoint Church, 1100 S Higgins Ave, Missoula MT 59803

  3. Criminal Report
  4. Help Fight Drug Trafficking
  5. Neighborhood Watch Query
  6. Thank an Officer

    A quick form to pass on your appreciation to an officer you feel deserves it. We will pass this on to his supervisor.

  1. Abandoned Vehicles on Public Streets
  2. Citizen's Radar / Traffic Enforcement Request
  3. Employee Complaint Form
  4. Missoula Hate Crime and Bias Incident Report
  5. Shoplifting Report
  6. Volunteer Application