City of Missoula Utilities

Missoula Water — 406-552-6700

Provides clean, safe water throughout the city and maintains the water system infrastructure.

Stormwater — 406- 552-6357 

Provides for and maintains infrastructure for both surface and underground movement of water from rain, snow melt, and other weather events and ensures compliance with state, federal, and local laws for stormwater management.

Wastewater — 406- 552-6600 & Garden City Compost — 406-552-6619 

Provides safe and environmentally conscientious management and disposal of sewage. Includes the Wastewater Treatment Plant and Garden City Compost facilities. 


Please continue to pay your utility bill, or as much of it as you can, because you are still responsible for all charges incurred during this time. If you are unable to pay, please submit the COVID-19 "Vulnerable Individuals" Form listed below to watercs@cs.missoula.mt.us. The lobby at the Missoula Water building on W. Broadway will remain closed. 

COVID-19 "Vulnerable Individuals" Exemption Form

Please use any of the following methods to pay your water bill:

Online: Paymentus Portal

Drop off:  Drop box located to the left of the door at 1345 W. Broadway or in drop box on first floor of City Hall at 435 Ryman St.

By Phone:  866-790-7218

By Mail:  P.O. Box 5388, Missoula, MT 59806

Direct Debit: Email form to watercs@ci.missoula.mt.us

If you would like to make other payment arrangements, please email watercs@ci.missoula.mt.us as our customer service staff is working from home. Your email will be read and responded to as quickly as we can with limited staffing.

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  1. Logan McInnis

    Logan McInnis

    Deputy Public Works Director for Utilities


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