Safety and Wellness

Fire and police services, utilities, recreation, emergency preparedness, health care facilities

Resource materials specific to Safety and Wellness

Safety and Wellness Land Use Exercise Map (PDF)

Safety and Wellness Revised Goals and Objectives (PDF) 3/26/2015

Safety and Wellness Revised Goals and Objectives (PDF) 2/26/2015

Revised Goal Statements (PDF) 2/6/2015

Draft Safety and Wellness Goals & Objectives (PDF) 1/26/2015

Safety and Wellness Goals & Objectives (PDF) from previous plans

Community Health Assessment Draft 2014 Missoula draft October 2014

Reaching Home (PDF) - 10-year Plan to End Homelessness

The Cost of Development in Wildfire Country - Interview with Ray Rasker, Executive Director of Headwaters Economics. He talks about his new report on reducing the cost of defending private development from wildfires.

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  1. Safety and Wellness November Meeting Draft Goal Topics

    Below are the draft goal topics selected by the Safety and Wellness Focus Group at their November meeting. You may comment or add to these ideas to continue the conversation between meetings. * Bike/Walk/Trail * Health Care Quality * Health & Wellness * Social Services / Education * Emergency / Disaster Services & Crime Prevention * Homelessness & Poverty * Environmental Quality

  2. Safety and Wellness moving forward

    Hello everyone- I've been trying to comment for the past week and a half, but the site has yet to post my comments. If you have seen them, I apologize for the repeat. I, highly, recommend that anyone interested on how to move our focus forward mine the following sites for some great information. I believe utilizing the great work of other successful community programs, and adapting them for use in Missoula, would be the most effective use of our time and efforts. Thank you all for your time - Michael Dorshorst

  3. seeking comment on objectives pertaining to health care quality

    To get the ball rolling, here are the objectives for the Health Care Quality topic: I made some changes. What changes would you suggest? Objectives: 1. Assess the health care needs of the community. (new pulled from original obj #4 - which can be an action instead) 2. Support efforts to expand convenient, affordable, high-quality health care for everyone. 3. Help bridge inter-facility cooperation between health care facilities. 4. Support the provision of access to high-quality complementary care as well as traditional (allopathic) care. 5. Encourage health care providers to develop plans to specifically meet the needs of the aging population. (shortened and portion about having more options for in home medical services moved to action) 6. Encourage well integrated health service oriented businesses