Temporarily Close a Street

Street Use Permit

***As of July 3rd, 2013, the fee for a Street Use Permit has increased to $145.00***

In order for you or your organization to close a city street for your event, you must obtain a Street Use Permit. This would be needed for any event intending on closing a city street or sidewalk, such as a block party, demonstration, race, street dance, etc.

You will also need liability insurance and a traffic plan. Please download and complete this Street Use Permit and Instructions (PDF).


Obtaining a Street Use Permit is a fairly extensive process. A review by several affected agencies will have to be done and a signature obtained from each. We suggest you give yourself at least two weeks to obtain the necessary signatures and authorizations.


If, after reading through the downloadable forms you still have questions, please contact our traffic sergeant who oversees street closures, Mike Hebert.