Request for public comment. The City Zoning Ordinance (Title 20) annual update is in process. This project supports the City’s strategic framework by continuing to refine and clarify land-use regulations that provide predictability for developers who share our goals and vision as well as implementing recommendations from the Housing Policy and collaborating between divisions to create clear regulatory alignments.

This year’s package proposes 40 amendments and include changes that will:

- Help implement the recently adopted Missoula Housing Policy;
- Coordinate inter agency regulations;
- Update the Conditional Use process to focus more specifically on the proposed
use, rather than specific design details;
- Update the Sign Chapter;
- Update Title 20 noticing procedures to enhance coordination, create consistency and help improve the effectiveness of the process; and,
- Includes miscellaneous amendments.

Information and amendments regarding the Title 20 Update can be found at Missoula Zoning Code Updates located on the City’s new on line engagement platform Engage Missoula. (

Interested citizen comments are needed to refine the proposed amendments, please provide comment by Friday, July 17 through the Engage Missoula web site noted above. The Planning Board will consider all comments at their hearing on Tuesday, August 11, 2020, and all comments will be forwarded on to the City Council for their public hearing in the fall.

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