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City of Missoula
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Development Services

  1. Citizen Complaint Form
  2. Report a Sign Violation

    Development Services investigates compliance issues on a complaint basis only. If there is a sign violation that you would like to... More…

  1. City Growth Policy Comment Form
  2. Street Use Permit Application


  1. CIT/MST Training Request Form
  2. Crisis Intervention Team Officer Recognition

    Missoula Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) are trained law enforcement officers with specializing in de-escalating mental health crises... More…

  1. City of Missoula Parks and Recreation HEALTH HISTORY FORM (For MFD Firefighters Only)
  2. Email Us

I Want To

  1. Provide Website Feedback

    Tell us how we're doing with our website and how we can make your experience better

  2. Report a Stormwater Concern

    Notifies Stormwater Utility staff of a potential storm water issue.

  3. Submit a Comment / Suggestion
  1. Report a Pothole
  2. Report Urban Camping

    Report an encampment that is growing, hazardous, causing health concerns, or preventing the use of public spaces.


  1. Contact Mayor Hess and his staff
  2. Schedule Request for Mayor Hess

    Request a meeting with Mayor Hess or his attendance at an event.

  1. Contact the Public Art Committee


  1. Community Forum Presentation Request
  2. Neighborhood Council Request for Reallocated Funds
  3. Traffic Circle Grant application

    Grants are available on a first come, first serve basis for up to $150.00 each.

  1. Contact Information--Traffic Calming Circles project

    Please fill out so we will be able to provide you with updates, events, and a information on obtaining funds and training for your... More…

  2. Traffic Circle Adoption Agreement

    Traffic Circle adoption form

Parks Department

  1. 2023-24 Afterschool/School's Out Sliding Fee Application

    Apply for sliding fees for Afterschool and School's Out programs. Qualifying income guidelines are listed below. Even if you have been... More…

  2. Parks Questions/Comments

    Use this form to contact Parks and Recreation.

  3. Parks Refund Request 2022

    Request a refund or credit on account for a Parks and Recreation program.

  4. PROST Community Working Group Application

    We invite you to join the Parks, Recreation, Open Space, and Trails (PROST) Master Plan Community Working Group and help shape an... More…

  5. SOQ/RFQ/RFP Submittal Form
  6. Sports Facility Reservation Request
  1. Parks & Recreation Share The Fun Scholarship Application

    Apply for a scholarship for Summer Camps, Swim Passes, and other Parks programs.

  2. Parks Refund Request - CARES/COVID

    Request a refund or credit on account for a Parks and Recreation program.

  3. Private Swim Lesson Request

    Use this form to request private swim lessons. Please allow 10 business days for a response.

  4. Report Graffiti/Vandalism in Parks, Trails and Open Space

    Use this form to report graffiti or vandalism. DO NOT use this form to report an emergency. In case of emergency. call 911 and they'll... More…

  5. Sponsor Interest Form

    For those interested in the opportunity to become a Parks and Recreation event sponsor.

  6. Tree Debris Removal Request

    Report downed tree branches from City trees. If this is an emergency, call 911.

Public Works

  1. Report a Hazard in a Bike Lane
  2. Report a Traffic Safety Concern

    Use this form to report minor traffic safety concerns. DO NOT use this form to report any type of emergency.

  3. Sidewalk Snow/Ice Hazard Reporting Form
  4. Stormwater Management Program (SWMP) Comment Form
  1. Report a Sidewalk Structural Hazard

    Form to report sidewalk structural hazards, such as sidewalk heaving, broken sidewalks, or defects of the sidewalk concrete. Do not use... More…

  2. Request Sewer Connection Fee Calculation
  3. Snowplowing Concerns

    We strive to provide Missoula's citizens with the best services possible, so please let us know if you have a specific concern or see... More…

  4. Weed Hazard Reporting Form