Park Asset Management Plan

2014 Park Asset Management Plan (PDF)

"Missoula's parks, trails need us as much as we need them"

By Mike O'Herron, Ward 5 Council representative. April 16 Missoulian guest editorial

The Park Asset Management Plan catalogs the cyclical maintenance, feature renovations, and replacement needs for a majority of the City's major park assets and recreation service amenities. The plan identifies cyclical renovation needs, projected lifecycles for feature replacement, immediate project needs, and projected costs for capital assets. The purpose of the plan is to:

  • Establish an accurate inventory of major park assets and improvements (amenities and features valued at greater than $5,000 and having an ordinary useful life of 10 years or more) maintained by the City's Parks and Recreation Department.
  • Identify the current condition of park assets.
  • Identify benchmarks for industry accepted cyclical maintenance standards.
  • Provide criteria to prioritize needs for renovation or replacement of assets.
  • Provide cost estimates for an asset management program.

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