Drop-off Information

Drop-off Information

Please stop at the Green Waste Inspector for payment and directions on where to dump in the yard.

Drop-off Pricing

WOOD WASTE, per load:

Wood Chips - per 10 cubic yards - $7.00
Sawdust (no animal waste) - any amount - No Cost

Brush, Dimensional Lumber, Pallets, Sod/Soil & Yard Waste

Pick-up Truck - $7.00
Small trailer, 8 foot or less - $7.00
Large trailer, 8 foot or greater - $15.00
Dump truck - $15.00
Semi-trailer - $50.00
Bags- $1.00/bag or $7 for the equivalent of a pick-up or small trailer. Plastic bags must be emptied, paper bags do not.


Wasted food and BPI Certified compostables (plates, cups, bags, utensils, etc.) - same pricing as above.  No greases, no garbage.

We DO NOT accept the following:

  • Wood waste more than 6 feet in length
  • Construction debris other than dimensional lumber
  • OSB & Particle Board/Chipboard (due to synthetic resins & adhesives)
  • Plastics of any kind (Please Recycle)
  • Metal of any kind (Please Recycle)
  • Garbage of any kind
  • Painted or treated wood
  • Asphalt or concrete
  • Un-baled hay, straw, manure, or animal bedding
  • Root balls containing rocks or dirt

For the safety of others on the road, please be sure to secure your load.