Walk Missoula

Pedestrian Safety

  • Everyone is a pedestrian
  • Everyone is entitled to cross the street safely
  • Montana law requires motorists to yield to pedestrians at crosswalks
  • A crosswalk exists at every intersection in each direction whether marked or not

Safe Routes to School

Biking and walking to school is one of the best things people can do for themselves and the community. Even small amounts of physical activity in the morning can improve learning outcomes and reduce behavior problems in students, and schools can account for up to 20% of morning rush hour traffic. Safe Routes to School is no longer a federally funded program coordinated by the City of Missoula. We have partnered with MCPS to create maps of good biking and walking routes for each elementary school and middle school in the district.  Find your best route by viewing the maps available in your neighborhood.

Pedestrian Counts

The Bike and Pedestrian Count Program was started in 2010 to better understand active transportation traffic patterns in Missoula. Counts are conducted by volunteers each fall and spring at numerous stations around town and are used to help understand trends and patters in bicycle and pedestrian travel. We also have a series of permanent counters installed in the non-motorized network to gather information about use on specific facilities and provide feedback about seasonal variation around town.  Check out the latest  Bicycle & Pedestrian Count Report.

Sidewalk Installation

In 2016, the City of Missoula adopted an updated Complete Streets Policy (PDF) via Resolution 8098 (PDF) to increase the usability of all streets for all modes of travel. Sidewalks are an important component of this plan, contributing to safe pedestrian travel. The Draft Master Sidewalk Plan (PDF) establishes a strategy for the systematic completion, repair and upgrade of the city sidewalk system.

Sidewalk Maintenance

Walking means fewer cars on the road, less air pollution, and provides healthy exercise. To keep our neighbors walking year-round, sidewalk maintenance is essential. 

Property owners are responsible for maintaining the sidewalk adjacent to their property. This includes repairing damaged sidewalks, as well as keep them clear of snow, ice or other impediments for safe and convenient foot travel. Missoula Municipal Code 12.16 details the responsibilities of property owners to maintain their sidewalks.

Snow Removal

Missoula Municipal Code 12.16.030 requires residents to clear sidewalks of snow and ice by 9 a.m. the morning following a snowfall. If property owners do not clear their sidewalks, the city may have the sidewalks cleared at the property owners' expense.

◦Snow removed from sidewalks or driveways may not be deposited in the road, including bike lanes, parking lanes, and driving lanes.

◦To protect vulnerable new sidewalks, wait two years before applying deicing agents other than sand or other non-corrosive materials.

◦To report sidewalks that have not been cleared, call 406-552-6630 or fill out the Sidewalk Snow/Ice Complaint Form.