Request a Criminal Record

Criminal Record Information

The Missoula Police Department does not disseminate any person's record / contact information to anyone other than criminal justice agencies.


To obtain a record check on yourself from the Missoula Police Department, a picture ID must be presented or a signed and notarized waiver is required if not requested in person. Record Request Form (PDF)

It is highly recommended that any person desiring a comprehensive record check contact the Montana State Criminal Records Bureau.


There is a $15 record check fee for all record checks performed for non-criminal justice agencies.

Letters of Good Conduct

There is a $15 fee for letters of good conduct, which are only provided for immigration purposes or the purpose of obtaining a visa. You must be a Missoula city resident within the last six months to be eligible for a letter of good conduct.


Convictions are public information. Anyone may obtain conviction information or a clearance letter for the State from the Montana State Criminal Records Bureau by calling 406-444-3645.

There is a $10 fee.